About Us

Founded in the year 2018, Knteer Solution Private Limitedis a software enabled payment platform set its foot in the digital world and launched its operations in the year 2018. With a gamut of digital payment solutions, Knteer Solution Private Limited continues to help with digital payment issues and offer them scalable and reliable solutions that help them grow seamlessly in the market. Knteer Solution Private Limited is a mid-sized fintech company with diversified business interests in areas such as Financial Inclusion, Travel Services, Utility Payments, and many more.

Early-stage growth companies face complex business scenarios as they grow and end up with high-cost centers for solving such issues with banks or other financial institutions. Knteer Solution Private Limited helps businesses with smart and cost-effective solutions all at one single place.

Knteer Solution Private Limited provides with the best products and services of diverse range at valuable prices, fully backed up by its top-class customer care system. It has been established and find its place as a leading fintech company. A company which has always stayed ahead of the curve no matter what. The employees of the company are trained as such that every difficulty and problem is small for them and they know how to tackle it.

Here we just not provide our clients with the products and services but we also take in charge to guide them about those services/products with the help of our continuously occurring learning and skill development programmes. We value the bond we create with our clients and partners and with that we also provide individuals to showcase their talent and grow.